Monday, June 6, 2011


Ugh, Here it is in June and I have neglected this blog like the plague. I should probably promise my return to it. But I won't. Instead I will say I have spent some of the time doing useful things, like continuing my learning experiments in the art of cinematography. And at least one or two months was spent laboring in the kitchen, only to not write about any of the food. I sold my car, fixed up my bike, and genrally mucked about all over the internet without much aim or ambition. . .

So now, where does this leave us (me)?

Another completely unrelated thought of course. Emily is baking, All. The. Time. It no longer matters how hard I try I'm not going to be losing weight with her baking. Its not so much bread and savory things. Its at least 2 batches of new and interesting sweets a week! She is also venturing into puppy treats of increasing complexity, which is a great leap forward for her, after using the same tired biscuit recipe for the last 4 years. . .

Anywho, hopefully this post is the start of something, good. If not good. At least tasty, eh?

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