Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Ricotta Experiment. Part 1.

So a few days ago our favorite food blogger posts on making fresh Ricotta. I was excited and mulled it over for 30 minutes before discovering a lack of whole milk or cream in our refrigerator... However, tomorrow I will be going shopping and with the abundance of strawberries we seem to have from the farmers market this week, I figure what could be better than ricotta and strawberry tart??? Well probably alot of things... still, have faith... it will all work out in the end.

But getting to the point... I've been fascinated with cheese making ever since, as a small boy, I went to the tillamook cheese factory and saw these big orange blocks being wrapped, and curds forming in long tubs.  As the years have passed this curiosity has been flamed by the occasional library book on traditional indian food that would mention traditional paneer, or a CHOW piece about mozzarella. So now I am ready to make the plunge into cheese-making, okay ricotta isn't exactly cheddar but still its a start! I'm thinking, if I don't let someone else make my pizzas, (or in this case manicotti) Why would I let them make the cheese?
The Tillamook Factory Floor.

More on how this all turns out later.

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