Sunday, October 9, 2011


Sorry there were not many posts this summer, in fact none at all. So I say I will try to make more blog post but this is not a promise. More news is that I have gone dairy- free, so that means no butter or tasty cream for me. Which especially saddens me when October roles around. In October we like to embrace fall, this is when we start making pumpkins stuffed with cream, expensive cheese, bread cubes, and sometimes more. But I have survived so far.
Bella our beagle is learning slowly that doors won't open if you bark at them, and toast doesn't tend to fall off the table when bark. She loves shredding toys all over the place. So since toys are so expensive these days, and you don't know if she will like them. I have taken to sewing them myself, she enjoys them and I don't freak out every time she shreds a toy. And I know you may be thinking if she is shredding toys what else is shredding. But Bella has not found a taste for expensive items.
Not much else is happening around here other then school, I promise a blog post about food or baking...yummy that means I will have to make something to post. And pictures will be included. Bye for now.

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